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About The Society Of Citizens Against Romance Scams

Each Day

There Are This Many Millions Of Scam Attempts Each Day:


There Are This Many New Victims Each Day:


There Are This Many Fraudster Arrests Only Each Day:


There Are This Many Scam Victims Committing Suicide Each Day:


More About The Society:

While the Society is based in the United States, we represent Victims, Advocates, and active Anti-Scam Professionals, Group, and Organizations all around the globe.

SCARS represents more than 25,000 people (as of August 15th, 2016) and is the largest and fastest growing body dedicated to changing the world of online fraud for the sake of everyone.

We hope that you will help us by adding your voice and supporting us, not with your money, but with your energy! Why Does This Matter So Much?

Each Day There Are:

  • More Than 15.5 Million Scam Attempts
  • More Than 2,740 New Victims
  • But Only 3 Arrests On Average

Please Help – Report all Scammers & Fraudsters here at www.AnyScam.com

We hope that you will help us by adding your voice and supporting us, not with your money, but with your energy!

We Will Be A Beacon In The Darkness

The Mission of the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams

Our Mission is to work tirelessly to oppose the expanding threat of international online fraud and the support it provides to global terrorism.

SCARS will be the global organization to coordinate political advocacy, public education and avoidance programs, have an enforcement focus, support victims and promote recovery programs, and establish best practices & standards throughout the world.

公民社会的反对浪漫诈骗被注册为美国的501(c)(3)(待批准IRS )在美国的非营利性组织。


  • 配合政治宣传
  • 提供公共教育和规避方案
  • 有助于执法重点
  • 给受害人支持
  • 发展和促进最佳实践和标准管理

La Sociedad de Ciudadanos Contra Estafas Romanticas está registrando como EE.UU. 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) ( a la espera de la aprobación del IRS ) corporación sin ánimo de lucro en los Estados Unidos.

Su misión es crear una organización global de:

  • Coordinar la incidencia política
  • Proporcionar programas de educación y de evitación
  • Contribuir a la aplicación de un enfoque de ley
  • Dar apoyo a las víctimas
  • Desarrollar y fomentar las mejores prácticas de gestión y las normas

La Société des Citoyens Contre les Escroqueries Romantique sont enregistre comme US 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) ( en attente d’approbation par l’IRS ) des sociétés à but non lucratif aux États-Unis.

Sa mission est de fournir une organisation mondiale:

  • Coordonner le plaidoyer
  • Fournir une éducation et d’évitement
  • Contribuer à la mise en œuvre d’une approche à la loi
  • Pour soutenir les victimes
  • Développer et promouvoir les meilleures pratiques et normes de gestion

Die Gesellschaft der Bürger gegen Romance Scam wird als US-501 (C) (3) (pending IRS-Zulassung) non-profit Corporation in den Vereinigten Staaten registriert.

Es hat die Aufgabe, eine globale Organisation zur Verfügung zu stellen für:

  • Koordination politischer Fürsprache
  • Aufklärung der Öffentlichkeit durch spezielle Programme
  • Fokus auf die Durchsetzung
  • Unterstützung für die Opfer
  • Förderung und Entwicklung der besten Praxis und des Standards Management

Ang Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams ay jisang rehustrado bilang U.S.501 (C) (3) (nkabibbing aprubahan sa IRS) ay isang “Non-Profit” na Korporasyon sa Estados Unidos.

Ang Misyon nito ay Magbigay ng Pandaigdigang Organisasyon sa:

  • Koordinasyon sa isang pampublikong adbokasiya.
  • Magbigay ng Pambublikong edukasyon at programang pangkaligtasan.
  • Mag-ambag sa pagpapatupad ng mga layunin.
  • Magbigay ng suporta sa mga biktima.
  • Bumuo at pagyamanin ang pinakamahusay na kasanayan at pamamantayan sa isang pamamahala.

Polgári Társaság A Romantikus Csalások Ellen (Society Of Citizens Against Romance Scams), U.S. 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Társaságként Került Nyilvántartásba Az Egyesült Államokban.

Küldetése, hogy gondoskodjon a globális szervezetekről:

  • Egyenlő politikai képviseletet
  • Nyilvános oktatást és megelőzési programot nyújt
  • Hozzájárul és a végrehajtásra összpontosít
  • Az áldozatoknak támogatást nyújt
  • Fejleszti, támogatja és elősegíti a legjobb gyakorlatokat, szabványos bánásmód

De Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams (Vereniging van burgers tegen romantische fraude) wordt geregistreerd als een US-501(C)(3) non-profit organisatie in de Verenigde Staten (in afwachting van goedkeuring door de US IRS, Internal Revenu Service, de Amerikaanse overheidsdienst die verantwoordelijk is voor het innen van belastingen).

Haar missie is te voorzien in een wereldwijde organisatie die:

  • Politieke belangenbehartiging coördineert
  • Openbare voorlichtings- en vermijdingsprogramma’s aanbiedt
  • Wetshandhaving onder de aandacht brengt
  • Slachtofferhulp biedt
  • Goede normen en gebruiken ontwikkelt en bevordert

La Società dei cittadini contro le truffe di romanza è registrata come un US 501 (C) (3) (in attesa dell’approvazione dell’IRS) di una società senza scopo di lucro negli Stati Uniti.

La sua missione è quella di fornire un’organizzazione globale per:

  • Coordinare l’advocacy politico
  • Fornire programmi di educazione e di evasione pubblica
  • Contribuire ad una messa a fuoco dell’applicazione
  • Fornire le vittime
  • Sviluppare e promuovere le migliori pratiche e la gestione delle norme

A Brief History Of Scams Online

Since the days of AOL in the early 1990’s there has been a growing threat of online fraud. It began with emails and posts in chat rooms, expanding to online dating, and exploding into social media. Today there are at least 100,000 individual fraudsters operating, and countless more individuals connected with online fraud. Whole institutions have come about to support their needs, whole national governments that turn a blind eye on their crimes. Online fraud fuels international terrorism organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, and has for more than a decade. Yet, while the scope of these crimes have grown in number and complexity, our law enforcement has become less effective and more disinterested in responding.

Over the last 10 years a large number of home grown anti-scam groups have emerged, each with their perspective and orientation. Almost all of them focused on a desire to expose and catalog every single fake persona that appears in websites, apps, social media, and elsewhere. Some have provided worthwhile avoidance education and a sense of community, yet in the final analysis have all failed.

This is the sobering truth in all anti-scam activities. They have all failed to stop the progression of online fraud, or to intercept in any meaningful way the public to educate them about frauds before they became victims. In reality, most education is oriented towards helping victims understand after the fact. This indeed, serves the purpose of helping victims not become repeat victims, but ineffective in stopping the spread. Online fraud continues to expand in double digit percentages yearly, and the expectation for 2016 is over one million new victims.

The number one international crime is of course drugs. Here are the top 3 international crimes based upon personal individual impact:

  1. Drugs – Over $400 Billion Annually – Massive Personal Impact
  2. Human Trafficking – Over $40 Billion Annually – Massive Personal Impact
  3. Online Fraud – Over $10 Billion Annually – Massive Personal Impact

Additionally terrorism is right up there in the top three. Interestingly the impact of online fraud is a component in supporting international terrorism and as a tool to target individuals for human trafficking, so online fraud’s impact is disproportional making it possibly the #2 global crime problem.

The result of all of this is that the explosion of online fraud is truly out of control and no other group or organization is having an impact beyond their small groups. This was the trigger for the creation of a new model for countering the challenges of online fraud.

The Challenge

Online crimes which cross borders are almost certainly more difficult to prevent than those which happen within national boundaries. This is one reason that these online crimes are harder to detect and to punish. It is a great challenge to clear drug dealing from our streets and we know how difficult it is to stop the flow of drugs from just limited regions, much less worldwide. With online fraud it comes from a hundred nations via a vast number of mediums. Law enforcement is only good enough to counter a small portion of this flow.

When confronted with impossible and overwhelming challenges people have turned to cooperative organization and combining their skills to achieve change. This is what is needed to confront the endless growth of online fraud.

A New Institution

Like other crimes that result in horrific impact on victims, online fraud steals the heart and soul of its victims. Therefore the opportunity existed to follow the lead of other advocacy and victims support organizations that have had huge impact in their focus areas such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving – MADD® From their model, our founders (one of whom was also a founder of TigerDirect back in 1985) envisioned a single organization to bring together and support groups and organizations fighting to do the right thing into a consolidated body which will have the clout to advocate effectively for change, and create support functions to aid all victims and turn the tide against online fraudsters.

The Focus

The focus of the Society will be in several areas which we believe will profoundly benefit its members, victims, and the larger public.

  • Consolidate the voices of many into a single voice – this is happening as we speak, SCARS represents more than 25,000 right now.
  • Work for the creation and implementation of universal standards and practices that provide effective and ethical anti-scam activities – this is happening now click here to learn more.
  • Engage government, law enforcement, and victims globally in new methods to aggressively combat online fraud.
  • Create the first worldwide Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network with industry partners for real time exposure of fraudsters – this has been built, click here to learn more.
  • Develop support and recovery solutions for traumatized victims based upon the best methods employed in the private and public sectors.

These are the principal goals of the Society and its Management.


The Board of Directors of the Society invite everyone to become a member of the Society and speak as one against online fraud. Together we have already made history and as we go forward together we will change the way law is enforced and how victims are treated.

Won’t you join us?

SCARS Code of Conduct

The Society requires that all members follow a Code of Conduct that establishes professional ethical behavior and conduct in their activities relating to the publication of anti-scam information, and in their interactions with victims of online crimes.

Please view our Code of Conduct and FAQs for more information.

SCARS Is The Only Anti-Online Fraud Non-Governmental Organization Recognized BY Governments Around The World

SCARS Is Proud To Partner With The United States Department of Homeland Security

STOP | THINK | CONNECT Program Partner

SCARS Is Proud To Partner With The United States Department Of Justice

Recognized Victims Assistance Organization

National Census Of Victim Service Providers Registered

SCARS Is Proud To Support & Be Recognized By The National Center For Victims Of Crime

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SCARS Is Proud To Be A Member Of The European Union’s Council Of Europe Octopus Cybercrime Organization

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