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SCARS Act Against Scams 2017/2018 Campaign

The SCARS “Act Against Scams” 2017/2018 Campaign

Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about Romance and Other Online Fraud.

The Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams is committed to doing everything possible to eradicate the plague of online scams.

To support that goal, we have developed a campaign for 2017 / 2018 to enlist your help in providing direct information in your local community. We are asking SCARS Members to begin organizing opportunities in their towns and communities to inform and expand awareness about romance scams and other forms of fraud.

SCARS asks those that are interested, once they are approved for participation in the Campaign, to contact local community organizations, from schools to civic groups, private clubs, and even work with your local police, to better educate your fellow residents about these severe crimes and how they affect us all.

SCARS will provide you with a complete training kit that will help you learn more, and that you will use in conducting these presentations. The materials are designed to provide a 30 to 45 minute presentation, and allow for additional time for questions and answers. This will make it easy to cover the right information, regardless of your knowledge or experience. This helps you make a huge difference in the safety of your local community, and helps you more completely recover from your own scam experience.

The SCARS™ Act Against Scams™ Campaign Kit consists of:

  • Introduction Brochure – for attendees
  • Introduction graphics to promote your presentation (can be used on social media)
  • Introduction Video – to allow you to promote your presentation (cane be used on social media)
  • Official PowerPoint Presentation
  • Presenters’ Guide (to help the presenter)
  • How To Report Online Crime Guide
  • An Official SCARS Presenter ID Card

All of the above are provided for you completely without cost, for download by the Campaign participant, and can be emailed to the entity or organization that will host your presentation. If you are producing significant results, SCARS may provide additional materials, including signs, etc.

We will also provide support to promote your events, and a webpage where interested persons can sign up for your presentations. This will also provide a means for you to follow up with the attendees for your presentations, enabling future local victims’ support.

We will need to be careful about who represents this material and our organization, so we ask that you complete the Act Against Scams participation request in the form on this page. SCARS personnel will review your information and confirm if you were accepted. Please note that this is open to SCARS Members ONLY. If you are not yet a SCARS Member, you can join for no cost right now – click here »

If you have questions about the Campaign, you can contact us by email at

Thank you for your interest in helping to keep your community safe and Act Against Scams!

“Act Against Scams” & “#ActAgainstScams” are trademarks of the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams Inc., all rights reserved worldwide.

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