SCARS Membership 2017 Debarment List

Member Name Type Social Media Website Date
Margaret Lillie Gough Professional Member
 None  10/27/2017
Lisa Brown Individual Member Not Shown None 11/01/2017

Members Who Have Had Their Membership Revoked During 2017 For Violations Of The SCARS Membership Code Of Conduct

Previous Debarment Lists:

The list of Society Members above have had their Memberships Permanently Revoked for violations of the Society’s Code of Conduct. We make no other representations about these members in any way.

The Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams has exercised its right under the terms of membership to revoke membership for all individuals, groups, or other entities that fail to adhere to its Code of Conduct. The members having been given an opportunity to cure had failed to resolve the matter and or continued with their violation. This is a permanent Debarment and will prevent them from becoming a member at any time in the future without the approval of the Society’s Membership Committee. They are also prohibited under law from the use of the SCARS names, logos, indicia, trademarks, or copyrights for any purpose, such use is a criminal offense under the laws of the United States of America and international signatory nations.