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SCARS Approved Victims Assistance Training

SCARS Approved Victims Assistance Training OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR RELEASE FEBRUARY 25, 2017 Starting in March 2017, all SCARS Approved Scam Victim's Assistance or Support Groups will be required to have all permanent personnel and volunteers take and pass an approved training course in Online Fraud Victim's Assistance. SCARS believes that the professionalization of Scam Victim's [...]

February 14th Log Off Facebook Day

TURN OFF FACEBOOK ON 2/14 LOG OFF AND CONNECT WITH THE REAL WORLD AND THE REAL PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE! By Tim McGuinness, Ph.D., Chairman of SCARS One of my activities as Chairman of the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS][] (ok, you can stop laughing now), is to help guide the organization towards [...]

SCARS To Present At The 2017 Cyber Security Forum Miami 2017

Dr. Tim McGuinness, the Chairman of the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams will be presenting on global online fraud this Friday.   The Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams will be presenting at “The 2017 Cyber Security Forum Miami 2017” at the Hotel Intercontinental Doral in Miami Dade County next January 27, 2017. Our [...]

Thank You Mr. President

Thank You Mr. Trump For Your Continued Commitment To The Victims Of Crime and To Justice For All Just moments ago, President Trump, during the Swearing-In Ceremony in the White House declared that there are many counting on his Presidency including Victims Of Crime.   As promised, Crime and its Victims will be [...]

Why Are There Online Scammers?

Why Does Facebook & Social Media Largely Ignore Scammers? United States Law rules the Internet (or did until Obama gave the internet away this year) One of these laws is 47 U.S.C. § 230, a Provision of the Communication Decency Act All of us in the Internet industry in those days (which included our CEO [...]

Russian Law Enforcement Relationship

Russian Law Enforcement Cooperation In Fight Against Scammers The Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams (SCARS) would like to thank the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation for their cooperation and willingness to receive reports about online criminals and frauds operating out of Russia, and their promise to aggressively [...]

Coming Together

Bringing The Community Of Anti-Scammers Together For too long, too many have been filled with suspicious and rage, and attacked other groups because of the smallest of misunderstandings. In the past they have been referred to by other people and groups as Haters. However, their conflict with others and even the characterizations of them have really accomplished nothing but [...]

SCARS Seminar – Miami Florida Oct 27

The Plague Of Online Fraud Every 5 Seconds Someone Is Scammed Online Online fraud is more pervasive and widespread than even the government knows. Everyone knows someone who has been scammed online. We invite you to finally understand the true dangers online and what you can do about it – to avoid, to recover, and to stop [...]

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