SCARS Membership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any cost?

A. At this time no cost at all. Individual Memberships will always remain FREE. We anticipate no changes to this for 2016 or 2017.

Q. Are there any benefits to being a Member?

A. As a new organization SCARS is primarily focused on immediate change in the global situation. Our energies and funding are dedicated on advocating with government to effect changes in law enforcement, and the support of our Projects, Initiatives, Programs, and various Committees that are needed to bring these changes to reality. The main benefit of Membership is demonstrating to the world that you care about what is happening, and you have lent your support to this cause. It is also your demonstration that you adhere to a higher standard of professional behavior (see below). We will continuously add member benefits as we go forward, so stay tuned!

Q. For Professional Membership, do I need to be in business working against scams?

A. No, if you are involved in educating, supporting, investigating, or advocating on a volunteer basis for at least 6 months as part of an organized group you are Professional and qualify for the Professional Designation.

Q. Can I display my Membership Badge that appears in the Directory on my own website or Social Media Profile?

A. Yes. Subject to the Membership Terms & Conditions below.

Q. What is the difference between an Organization and a Group?

A. Organizations are registered and incorporated entities. They can be non-profit or otherwise. A Group is a collection of individuals that are not incorporated or registered with the government. Organizations have formal Boards of Directors, legal By Laws, and officers.

Q. How long will it take to get my login/password?

A. Membership applications are processed manually, however, at this time we do not allow logins or editing of your membership information. We will add this in the near future and you will be notified by email. If you need to make a change to the information that you provided on your application please email us at

Q. Can I report scammers to SCARS?

A. You cannot report scammers on our SCARS website, but you can on our website

Q. Do you have a Members Only section?

A. We are building a very complete Member’s Only section to our website that will include: Online Courses, News & Information, How To Advocate for Change, and much more. Please stay tuned for more information on this.

Q. Why is SCARS Membership important?

A. SCARS Membership tells the world that you care about what is happening with online fraud and want the governments around the world to take immediate action to stop it. Your membership adds weight to our demands and discussions with Law Enforcement, Social Media, and others. It tells them that we have the voice of tens of thousands behind us either as direct members or the organizations or groups that are our members, and the power to extend that voice around the world.

Q. My question has not been answered here.  What should I do?

A. If your question is still unanswered, please submit your question through our Contact Us form or by emailing us at  We want to make sure that you feel comfortable in becoming a member.  We will do everything possible to get back with you ASAP.

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