SCARS Policy On Mention Of Other Anti-Scam Groups

This policy applies to postings in the SCARS / RSN Official Scam Avoidance Education & Information Forum:

And all SCARS Support Groups

Policy Published July 1, 2019


As we encounter ethical issues, we have done our best to respond to these in compliance with the standards and regulations that we follow. Also in concern for our own Code of Conduct.

With so much hate in the “Anti-Scam Community” it is a real challenge, especially when victims support these hate groups. We have tried to do our best to be a sane guide for what is safe and what is not.

How many of you have ever even read the Standard for Ethical Behavior for Crime Victims’ Assistance Organizations from NOVA? Probably very few. Here’s the link:

Victims’ assistance is a profession, it is not an amateur activity. With the extensive trauma that victims experience, amateurs not only provide a steady stream of emotionally biased information, but much of it is flat out wrong and urban legends. More importantly, improper support can lead to harmful effects.

We recognized this early on and adopted international standards, and helped to develop more. These are published on our corporate website

What Victims’ Believe

Anyone can believe whatever they want. Just remember that almost everyone here has been scammed once and can still be easily scammed.

Scamming can come from other victims too as they convince you of their fake knowledge and fake victims support.

We are also amazed by how easily some victims betray other victims. This is not middle-school, these are life and death issues – because improper care can result in people taking their lives. This can be as serious as it gets. This is not a place for trolls more interested in spreading their opinions than finding the truth that can actually help real people.

Sharing Knowledge

We have provided the tools, but your own ethics will have to keep you safe in that regard. Given that a couple hundred thousands of victims have chosen these hate groups, or scammer run groups, the evidence is that victims are not doing a very good job in making safe choices after their scam.

We have never called out a legitimate victims assistance organization, and in fact make referrals to other real organizations all the time.

The purpose of THIS group was to bring together a wide range of different SCARS Member Groups to help educate you all against scammers and their methods.

The Policy

Going forward, the mention of other anti-scam that are NOT SCARS Member Groups in Good Standing will be prohibited in the group. Going forward we will ban all mention of those other groups.


You are the only one that can make wise choices and save yourself.

Think about the last major choice you made? How did that turn out? Yet victims as a group continue to follow anyone. If that wise or more of the same?

Survivors learn to stop making the same choices over and over. The choice is always your to make.

Since people do not seem to want to hear it, we will stop telling you.

We wish everyone the best, and we will continue to do our best to serve you all.

An Official SCARS Policy
Published July 1, 2019
by the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. [SCARS]
Miami Florida U.S.A.