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Campaign Against Online Fruad

Mission of the Campaign

The Campaign Against Online Fraud™ by SCARS – is a campaign dedicated to helping stop internet scams.

It is an outreach and advertising campaign by SCARS to help reach those that have not yet become victims, and to guide victims to places of support and aware from those sphere that cause more harm than good.

History of the Campaign

Founded as a working group in July 2014 by Romance Scams Now™ originally. Ownership was transfered to the Society in June 2016 to expand on the previous efforts and to be the official educational and advertising campaign of the Society.

Supporter Groups, Organizations & Businesses

  • Romance Scams Now™
  • TigerDIrect.com®
  • PerfectReputations™
  • GLO Marketing™
  • Stampede Distribution™
  • Miami Dade School District™
  • Professional Training Centers®
  • EyeCast®
  • Lost And Found Group®
  • BoysSuits™
  • WebFossil® Group
  • Comcast® Television Advertising
  • Global Verification Authority™
  • McAfee® Security
  • Adobe® Inc.
  • Paul Lima Consulting™
  • WiSource™ LLC.
  • Business Networking International™ – Miami Chapter

Visit The Campaign On Facebook

Visit the Campaign Against Online Fraud on Facebook
The Campaign Against Online Fraud
Our Mission Is To Stop Fraud Online