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SCARS Announces Certified Mentors

SCARS Announces Certified Mentors New SCARS Certified Mentors SCARS Certified Mentors have completed the 40-hour training program in trauma-informed online crime victims care and support.   We are extraordinarily pleased [...]

Notice of Cyber Attack

Notice of Cyber Attack NO DATA WAS LOST OR ACCESSED - SCARS REMAINS 100% SECURE SCARS recently experienced a cyberattack - it was limited to our Facebook pages ONLY! It [...]

Priviledged Communications

Privileged Communications SCARS Ethical Practices   Under Florida Statute Communications Between SCARS and the Crime Victims that we provide Services to are Privileged To Clarify What Prviviledged Means Privileged communication [...]

ICRC Organized Crime Global Conference

ICRC Organized Crime Global Conference A Conference of the International Committee of the Red Cross   Addressing The Humanitarian Costs Of Organized Crime Global Conference SCARS was recently an attendee [...]

How Do We Meassure Success?

We estimate that 80% of the victims that pass through our support groups succeed! What does that mean? The answer is both very simple and very complicated. We can identify people who have succeeded [...]

Change in SCARS Board of Directors

SCARS Announcement On April 18, 2023 SCARS Board Member Chris Ffromal submitted her resignation to the SCARS Chairman and Chief Executive Dr. Tim McGuinness, which he accepted. The following day, April 19, 2023, a [...]

Change in SCARS Board of Directors

SCARS Announcement On January 15, 2023 SCARS Board of Directors agreed to reduce the number of members of the Board of Directors from 9 to 7 to facilitate improved manageability of our organization. The [...]

Cybersecurity Training Has Failed!

Cybersecurity Training Has Failed! An Editorial by Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. Certified Cybersecurity Professional & SCARS Director   Cybercrime Training Does Not Work? Cybercrime training, also known as cybersecurity training, is a [...]

Vianey Gonzalez Obtains Diploma In Family Wellness

Vianey Gonzalez Obtains Diploma In Family Wellness Another Certification For The SCARS Team 🟥🟨⬛️️⬜️ SCARS ANNOUNCEMENT! We are very proud to announce that our SCARS Board Member Vianey Gonzalez has [...]

SCARS in the Press: New York Post

SCARS Mentioned in the New York Post Featuring Dr. Tim McGuinness SCARS In The Press   Love scams skyrocketing, cost Floridians $40M annually New York Post by By Hannah Frishberg February [...]

SCARS Publishes Third In New Book Series

SCARS Publishes Third In New Book Series SCARS Publishes GREEN BOOK By SCARS SCARS PUBLISHING ANNOUNCEMENT We are very excited to announce our SCARS GREEN BOOK has just been [...]

We Are A Community

We Are A Community. One of the things we have learned over the years is that we are all part of a community. By recognizing that, it makes it possible to be greater than [...]

SCARS Announcement: Transfer Of Incorporation To Florida

SCARS Corporate Announcement SCARS Completes Nonprofit Incorporation Transfer To Florida PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Miami Florida - October 24, 2020 SCARS™ CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT We are very pleased to announce that we have moved [...]

An Insight On Being A Volunteer

An Insight On Being A Volunteer In order to help others effectively, you have to be stable yourself We mean emotionally stabilized. This means that you are not afraid, not angry, not hostile, not [...]