Society Volunteer Programs

Our Society believes that working alone we all fail! 

Only by working together can we succeed in helping the public understand the risks of socially engineered relationship scams and how to avoid them, but also how to recover once you have been victimized! We know that we need help to help others.

SCARS welcomes volunteers help in educating potential victims, in supporting and assisting scam victims, and in advocating for victims with national governments around the world.

If you are sincere and ready to help others we welcome you!

Society Volunteers

Are you interested in Helping SCARS to help Other Victims?

Volunteering With The Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams

Some of the basics of being a SCARS Volunteer: 

You can also contact us by email if you have questions:

Click Here for the Requirements for Volunteering with SCARS

If you are ready to learn more about SCARS Volunteer opportunities to help others and help yourself in the process please CLICK HERE

Click here for the SCARS Policy on Volunteering

If You Are A Victim?

Are you a recent victim? If so go here

If you have been a scam victim, have you fully recovered? You might consider joining one of our Online Scam Victims’ Support Groups!

You can learn more about Scams & Scammers at:

* Remember to never allow contact with strangers online regardless of the location until you know for sure they are real!