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SCARS is a crime victims’ assistance, advocacy, services, and support provider based in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

SCARS is a nonprofit organization that supports scam victims worldwide.

But we need your help to make this happen for ever greater numbers of scam victims.

We are an incorporated nonprofit based in Florida (Nonprofit Corporation Registration #N20000011978 confirm our status here. EIN 85-3761559) 

Helping Scam Victims Is What SCARS Does!

SCARS services are free to scam victims, but personnel, regulations, insurance, training, technology, and supporting our own team all cost money. Our organization is a charitable nonprofit and is only supported by our donors. If you think what we do matters to you and to others you can help in two ways: you can volunteer your time, and you can donate to help us help scam victims around the world.

Please scroll down to Donate – any small amount helps. You will get the satisfaction of helping real people who have been wronged by scammers around the world. You will also help us stay in the face of politicians that can bring an end to scamming!

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