The Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. retains the sole right to determine the membership status of any of its members who have applied for or been approved for membership.

Revocation of Membership is the sole decision of the SCARS Membership Committee, its officers, and or Board of Directors.


The following have applied for membership in the Society and had that Membership Revoked.

They are presented to allow confirmation of their membership status and to prevent false claims (if any.)

The Following Members Have Had Their Membership Revoked

This is the formal notice as required by the bylaws of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. as follows:

This is to confirm that the Individuals or Groups displayed below have had their membership status and privileges in the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. permanently revoked because of conflicts with and violations of the SCARS Code of Conduct.

Certified August 5, 2019

Jane Ward, Operations Director
Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.


  • Dennis Kanupp

  • Jackie Corbett

  • Yvonne May Russell

  • Barbara Speer

  • Lisa Brown

  • Margaret Lillie Gough 

  • Gregory Evans 

  • Karen Powell 

  • Nicolas Wuilson 

  • Dennis Kanupp 

  • Susan Rosalu / Susan Hughes Rosaly

  • Lorraine Woodruff 

  • AnnMarie Roberts 

  • Brian Wieland 

  • John Sullivan 

  • Christel Lengner 

  • Martin Lillegaard Larsen 

  • Jean Pinheiro  

  • Russell Shubert   

  • Mindy Cohen 

  • Ruth Grover 

  • Lynn A Stewart

  • Kathy Waters

  • Helga Grotheer

  • Pamela Westbrook

  • Lhora Dela Pena

  • Bernard Vance


  • Scammer Shark / ScammerShark [was renamed to Scammer Smart]

  • Scammer Hound

  • ScamHaters United

  • National Cyber Security Ventures

  • Scammers Exposed Worldwide

  • Scammer Witch

  • ScamBaiter 2016

  • Advocating Against Romance Scams

  • Romance Scam Baiter

  • Scam Hunters