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What is SCARS Corporate Membership?

When you become a Corporate Member you gain an incredible advantage in your marketplace and have exclusive tools to help you reduce risk to your customers and subscribers. In addition you help the Society effectively work to combat global online fraud, as well as aid the victims through free scam victims support groups, advocacy programs, and scam avoidance education.

Corporate Membership Benefits:

  • Access to thought leader level guidance for online fraud avoidance, risk mitigation, subscriber protection methodologies, and anti-fraud subscriber motivation.
  • Access to C-level technical consulting services to help your IT resources explore programmatic / algorithmic solutions to protect your subscribers.
  • The world’s largest crowd sourced scam offender database updated continuously in real time, including access to zero-day scammer identities.
  • Anti-scam & SCARS Membership messaging and marketing support for display to your subscribers.
  • Access to anti-scam certification processes as they are developed.
  • Continuous feedback from scam victims.

As a Corporate Member of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams you will be provided the SCARS Scam Offender Database via FTP or other methods, allowing for periodic uploads into your own applications for scammer screening. You will also be provided the SCARS Plan that you own team may use the Society’s knowledge of deep online fraud methodologies to improve their own initial contact screening procedures to erect stronger protections for your subscribers or users.

Contact us to become a Corporate Member of SCARS: +1-786-566-7898 / corporatemembership@AgainstScams.org