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  • Please read each section and question carefully. Respond as completely as possible so that we can best help you. One word answers are not the right way to tell us how to help you. We are professionals, and provide professional care to those we support. This is the reason we ask this information.
  • By U.S. Law - COPAA - We are required to ask your age for all participation in our online activities. Please enter your birth date for age verification. We also require this to confirm you are an adult.
  • There is no cost for our support and recovery program
  • You must be functionally able to speak or understand English or Spanish to get the most from our Support Groups. However, our SCARS Partners offer support in other languages.
  • Tell Us About You

  • We are a professional crime victims' services provider, we need to know who is asking for our services.
  • SCARS does not discriminate based upon gender roles. This is strictly to aid in identification.
  • This helps us understand how to help you report to your local police or access other local services for victims of crimes.
  • Our support groups are on Facebook, so you must have a Facebook profile to access our support groups.
  • Our support groups are on Facebook - We need this to confirm your identity and spot scammers or fakes, AND that you have a Facebook Account. If you do not know how to find this link, go to your PROFILE SETTINGS - you should see your profile link on that FB page. If you are on your App and see your HOME - click on the Profile Photo, then the THREE DOTS, then at the bottom of the Profile Setting page will be your Link! If using a browser, you will find your profile link in the address bar/fiend.
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  • We now offer support groups on LinkedIn too
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  • Tell Us About What Happened/The Crime

  • The Following Questions are about the Most Recent Scam

    You can add any additional details about past scams, frauds, or cybercrimes in the general fields below

  • An approximate date is ok
  • How many days, weeks, or months ago did it end? When was your last conversation or communication with the criminals?
  • Includes: Secret Service, FBI, FTC, Europol, etc.
  • Tell us what you think might be useful so that we can best help you
  • Your CONTACT with the Criminals

  • Meaning you are not talking, chatting, or emailing with them.
  • Meaning that you are communicating with the criminals.
  • How many days, weeks, or months?
  • What Support You Are Looking For?

  • Please tell us what you are looking for in a support group. What services you would like to receive?
  • Either a Psychologist or Psychiatrist or other Medical Professional about your mental health. A Coach is not the same.
  • We are not trying to diagnose you, just to get a better understanding of how you are doing currently.
  • Other Anti-Scam Activities

  • Your Consent

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  • Thank you for trusting SCARS to help you through your scam recovery and for requesting to join one of our support groups. If approved and confirmed, you will receive an email invitation or a message through Facebook or directly with information on how to find and finalize your participation in our Support Groups. Sincerely, SCARS Team Miami Florida U.S.A.
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SCARS has created dedicated online scam victims’ support groups to provide safety and confidentiality!

Every Scam Victim should come and Join Our Groups

We provide extensive proprietary content just for scam victims. Find help and information to get you through your doubts and fears, and onto the road to recovery. We explore how to report, if there are ways to get your money back, and how to progress with your life! Also, all members are screened to keep the scammers out! 

The reason we ask for this information is to best help you. We are professionals and we use this information to determine which of our groups would be right for you.

We hope to see you in our SCARS Support Groups!

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SCARS publishes a number of SCARS Steps Self-Help Guides for Scan Victims, and for their Families & Friends in our bookshop at Our guides help victims support and sustain their recovery on their own, or in combination with our support groups. 

What Does SCARS Support Include?

SCARS Support Steps

We have a unique process invented by SCARS to support each survivor through their recovery steps!

SCARS Support & Recovery To Aid Each Survivor Through Their Complete Needs

SCARS Support & Recovery is designed to aid each Survivor through their Complete Recovery Needs

If we cannot help a scam victim we will refer them to other providers that can!

More Information About SCARS Support Services

SCARS Offers Free Professional Support Groups For Every Relationship Scam Victim Online Worldwide

This Includes: Romance Scams, Relationship/Investment Cryptocurrency Scams, and Many Phone Scams too!

SCARS is an online crime victims’ assistance organization that offers the victims of scams/financial fraud a safe place to recover from their traumatic experiences and education for their recovery.

SCARS Support Groups for Scam Victims are always FREE for as long as you need them!

Our goal is to help each scam victim anywhere in the world through our professionally managed support groups. These are for scam victims in the U.S. and for all other countries. [Some countries are excluded for the safety of the victims under our care.]

SCARS provides online support groups for every scam victim. We have helped thousands of scam victims find their path to recovery and happier life after the deep trauma of their scam. Our groups are comprised of other scam victims that truly understand what you have gone through without any of the hate and extreme anger of so many fake amateur anti-scam hate groups online.

SCARS support groups offer scam victims a place to heal and turn away from the scam, allowing them to return to their and healthy life again.

Our groups are professionally managed by the victims’ assistance professionals at SCARS and by an amazing corps of SCARS VOLUNTEERS (who are all also scam survivors themselves) to provide you with a safe place with people just like you. These are no-judgment zones where we truly understand how you were scammed and eliminate the blame of so many who do not understand.

Each of our SCARS Groups offers each Scam Victim:

  • Focus on self-care and recovery, not on scammers and hate
  • Where to turn for resources, knowledge, and education about the scam (provided by SCARS)
  • Where to turn to for additional support – health and trauma care
  • Help with the local and state police reporting process – where to go and what to say
  • Guidance with national-level reporting (FBI, FTC, RCMP, etc.)
  • How to obtain crime victims’ benefits – counseling, financial support, and more (provided by local governments and programs)

SCARS Group Members

All SCARS SUPPORT services are FREE to all scam victims worldwide. 

We have groups in different languages, such as English or Spanish. Additionally, our SCARS Partners provide groups in numerous languages around the world. We do everything we can to be inclusive and help every victim that we can regardless of where they are from.

This is serious because we are professionals and this is a serious level of support.

Once you ask to join, WE WILL REVIEW YOUR INFORMATION, and you will be screened for the safety of all members (to exclude haters and scammers), 

Later on, as you progress through your recovery, SCARS will offer you opportunities to assist other victims if you are interested.

Getting Started

If you are a scam victim and would be interested in joining a SCARS SUPPORT Group for Scam Victims please fill in the form above.

If you have questions about this program, please contact us on Facebook or by email to:

We are here to help you!

Confidential & Privileged Information

All information and communications that we collect and that you communicate with our organization are confidential and privileged by Florida Statute (the governing law for our organization) and other applicable regulations. We will never share this information with anyone else in compliance with both professional ethics and applicable laws.

Please note that a separate consent is required to participate in our support zoom calls.

If you have questions about this or anything else that we do, you are welcome to email us at


Before You Decide – You Have Choices

You Have Choices for Support – All Are Free & Confidential 

There are several victim support providers that SCARS recommends for Scam Victims worldwide:


Select a support provider that is right for you! But please make sure you get the help you need from a competent professional provider,

To see a comparison between support providers: Click here!

The above information is believed to be accurate based on our research. Please notify us of any errors or omissions to so that we can maintain this comparison complete, accurate, and up to date.