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Published Date: 06/27/2019

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Meet Dr. Tim McGuinness of Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. [SCARS] in Doral


Meet Dr. Tim McGuinness of Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. [SCARS] in Doral

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Tim McGuinness.

Dr. McGuinness was a PC & Internet Industry Pioneer and has been tracking and working to control scams & scammers for 28 years.

To learn more:

Dr. McGuinness first use of the Internet (then known as ARPANET) in 1981 while a Research Scientist at Atari Inc. In 1982 – Dr. McGuinness invents online advertising and online product reviews, and co-invents internet software download and the ecommerce shopping cart while at ROMOX Inc. (he was a founding shareholder) – these were never patented but based upon the patent applied for ROMOX Video Game Distribution System/Network.

He then experimented with a Crime Reporting BBS system run from the ROMOX offices in Cupertino California.

For More History:

As a seasoned professional for 40 years, Tim McGuinness has been inventing, developing, and deploying compliant technology, products, and processes to improve business and individual’s daily lives. One such software product has been continuously published for OVER 30 years!

With his vast experience in technology and a primary focus on applying technology to the improvement of everyone’s lives, he has been responsible for the successful implementation of numerous products and services in a broad spectrum of industries and market sectors from public to private.

He now has turned his full attention to solving the abuses that now plague the internet!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?

Major challenges:

  • Law enforcement apathy and poor training.
  • Emotionally traumatized victims – doth in their support and in their attitudes towards improvements.
  • Congressional ignorance.
  • Lack of standards, policies, and best practices.
  • A jumble of laws, treaties, and conflicting approaches to enforcement.
  • Victim intransigence in helping themselves and others.
  • Victim anger, rage, hatred.
  • Victim blaming by the public.
  • Impossibility of fundraising.
  • No one wants to know until it is too late.

What else should our readers know?

SCARS™ the only Worldwide Nonprofit Nongovernmental Incorporated Cybercrime Victims’ Assistance Support & Advocacy Organization focused on the detection, deterrence, and eventual elimination on global online scams in all its forms, and the assistance and education of scam victims in their recovery and avoidance of future victimization.

The focus of the Society is online scams and cybercrime in its various forms, primarily on Relationship Scams (also known as Romance, Dating, Love, or Sweetheart Scams), but also on related scam attacks directed at individuals in their personal life and at business including Phishing and BEC Scams. Fraudsters target adults, the elderly, and even more and more our children. They target all races and genders and employ racism and gender bias to create maximum vulnerability. Scammers are part of large scale criminal enterprises and even fund and support terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and others. Some have workforces numbered in the thousands. Our estimates are that there are over one hundred thousand professional scammers operating worldwide. The Society’s primary effort is directed at providing professional assistance and support for victims. But through our understanding and analysis, we are also the primary advocacy organization to work with governments around the world and change the legal landscape enabling ever greater enforcement. Our knowledge acquisition and dissemination publishing activities also help everyone avoid scams and employ countermeasures. We have also built the worlds only real independent “chain of custody” cybercrime data network for broad reporting of cybercriminals. Unfortunately, scams are treated by many as a laughable joke yet they destroy lives (actually driving good people to suicide) and compromising businesses every minute of every day. This is why the Society was formed. We are here to create and accelerate change!

How do you define success?

  • By the: Number of scammer arrests per year.
  • Number of victims that go through our recovery programs.
  • Number of suicides we prevent daily.
  • Number of victims we reach.
  • Improvements in global law enforcement.

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