About SCARS Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams

» SCARS was created by a consortium of Anti-Scam & Cybersecurity Professionals with more than 31 years of experience in online fraud & cybercrime. Founded in 2015 to become real crime victims' assistance & crime prevention nonprofit organization supporting victims worldwide, advocating for victims' rights, and establishing anti-scam standards and serving as the accreditation body focused on cyber-enabled crime. We invite you to become a member, volunteer, or partner of SCARS.

SCARS in the Press: New York Post

SCARS Mentioned in the New York Post Featuring Dr. Tim McGuinness SCARS In The Press   Love scams skyrocketing, cost Floridians $40M annually New York Post by By Hannah Frishberg February 10, 2022 Floridians have been so hard hit by romance scams in recent years (state residents lost $40.1 million to [...]

SCARS Publishes Third In New Book Series

SCARS Publishes Third In New Book Series SCARS Publishes GREEN BOOK By SCARS SCARS PUBLISHING ANNOUNCEMENT We are very excited to announce our SCARS GREEN BOOK has just been published and is available now! This is the SCARS Steps Program for Scam Victims! It is a Self-Help Self-Paced Scam [...]

President Biden’s First 100 Days Plan Recommendation For Cybersecurity

Recommendations for President Biden's First 100 Days A White Paper Developed By the United States Of America Cyberspace Solarium Commission SCARS supports these recommendations and encourages the Biden Administration to enact them fully. "TRANSITION BOOK FOR THE INCOMING BIDEN ADMINISTRATION" CSC White Paper #5 JANUARY 2021 UNITED STATES [...]

SCARS Announcement: Transfer Of Incorporation To Florida

SCARS Corporate Announcement SCARS Completes Nonprofit Incorporation Transfer To Florida PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Miami Florida - October 24, 2020 SCARS™ CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT We are very pleased to announce that we have moved our nonprofit incorporation to the State of Florida. SCARS was founded in February 2015, but this move of the official [...]

SCARS Position Statement: Are Corporate Employees That Fall For Scams Victims Or Negligent?

Are Corporate Employees That Fall For Scams Victims Or Negligent? Reprinted from LinkedIn A SCARS Position Statement - September 1, 2020 In a recent conversation with a leading cybersecurity training company, we explored the predominant notion that employees that fail to follow corporate policies and procedures, that lead to cybersecurity breaches are reckless, negligent, [...]

Wizer Training Is Now A New SCARS Victims’ Education Partner

SCARS ANNOUNCEMENT: Wizer™ Training Is Now A New SCARS Victims' Education Partner PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Miami Florida - August 27, 2020 New SCARS Victims' Education Partner & Advisory Board Member SCARS is immensely proud to announce that Mr. Gabriel Friedlander of Wizer Training has joined the Advisory Board of the Society of [...]

SCARS New Strategy For Spanish Language Victims’ Support

SCARS Now Has A Formal Spanish Language Website And A Better Defined Spanish Language Coverage Plan [ENG//ESP] PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico – August 16, 2020 For some time we have needed a dedicated Spanish language website. We have a strong presence on social media on Facebook & Twitter in Spanish, [...]

An Insight On Being A Volunteer

An Insight On Being A Volunteer In order to help others effectively, you have to be stable yourself We mean emotionally stabilized. This means that you are not afraid, not angry, not hostile, not defensive, not on a mission. If you are afraid you cannot help anyone. Fear will control your reactions and your [...]

Professionalizing Scam Victims’ Assistance

SCARS ETHICS: Professionalizing Scam Victims' Assistance There is something that we all must be clear on. Like it or not, all of us who are volunteering our time and energy towards helping victims of scams are engaged in a new journey. This journey is one of professional development because we are all engaged in a [...]