Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams is a nonprofit crime victims’ assistance and crime prevention organization supporting scam victims worldwide

ICRC Organized Crime Global Conference

ICRC Organized Crime Global Conference A Conference of the International Committee of the Red Cross   Addressing The Humanitarian Costs Of Organized Crime Global Conference SCARS was recently an attendee of the International Committee of the Red Cross on June 27, 2023 This event marks the launch of the International [...]

Cybersecurity Training Has Failed!

Cybersecurity Training Has Failed! An Editorial by Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. Certified Cybersecurity Professional & SCARS Director   Cybercrime Training Does Not Work? Cybercrime training, also known as cybersecurity training, is a form of education that aims to teach individuals and organizations how to protect themselves against cyberattacks and other forms of [...]

SCARS in the Press: New York Post

SCARS Mentioned in the New York Post Featuring Dr. Tim McGuinness SCARS In The Press   Love scams skyrocketing, cost Floridians $40M annually New York Post by By Hannah Frishberg February 10, 2022 Floridians have been so hard hit by romance scams in recent years (state residents lost $40.1 million to [...]