Scam/Fraud Study Bias – Too Many Scam/Fraud Studies Are Excessively Biased 2024

Statement About Scam/Fraud Study Bias Understanding the Biases in Academic & Industry Scam & Fraud Victim Studies   Too Many Scam/Fraud Studies Are Excessively Biased There is a fundamental problem with almost all academic and industry studies about scams and fraud victimization because their samples are [...]

SCARS Announces Certified Mentors

SCARS Announces Certified Mentors New SCARS Certified Mentors SCARS Certified Mentors have completed the 40-hour training program in trauma-informed online crime victims care and support.   We are extraordinarily pleased to announce that Vianey Gonzalez and Janina Morcinek have completed the required training and examination to become SCARS Certified Mentors. [...]

Notice of Cyber Attack

Notice of Cyber Attack NO DATA WAS LOST OR ACCESSED - SCARS REMAINS 100% SECURE SCARS recently experienced a cyberattack - it was limited to our Facebook pages ONLY! It did not affect any of our confidential Fabook-based support groups, they remained 100% secure, confidential, and private. Our SCARS Facebook [...]

Priviledged Communications

Privileged Communications SCARS Ethical Practices   Under Florida Statute Communications Between SCARS and the Crime Victims that we provide Services to are Privileged To Clarify What Prviviledged Means Privileged communication is defined as: statements made by people within protected relationships (e.g., husband and wife, attorney and client) that the law [...]