Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams is a nonprofit crime victims’ assistance and crime prevention organization supporting scam victims worldwide

An Insight On Being A Volunteer

An Insight On Being A Volunteer In order to help others effectively, you have to be stable yourself We mean emotionally stabilized. This means that you are not afraid, not angry, not hostile, not defensive, not on a mission. If you are afraid you cannot help anyone. Fear will control your reactions and your [...]

Professionalizing Scam Victims’ Assistance

SCARS ETHICS: Professionalizing Scam Victims' Assistance There is something that we all must be clear on. Like it or not, all of us who are volunteering our time and energy towards helping victims of scams are engaged in a new journey. This journey is one of professional development because we are all engaged in a [...]

2019 SCARS Volunteer Excellence Awards

2019 SCARS Volunteer Excellence Awards We would like to announce the Winners of our 2919 Volunteer Excellence Award We strongly believe in recognizing the achievements of individuals that can help others while struggling through their own life challenges. This is based upon the magnitude of impact that they have had on other victims in helping [...]