Bringing The Community Of Anti-Scammers Together

For too long, too many have been filled with suspicious and rage, and attacked other groups because of the smallest of misunderstandings.
In the past they have been referred to by other people and groups as Haters. However, their conflict with others and even the characterizations of them have really accomplished nothing but to divide us further. Conflicts between groups has only confused victims and the public that all anti-scam groups are dedicated to defending.

Many are at a crossroad in the fight against online fraud.

A crossroad where those that hate can continue down the road of exclusion and irrelevancy, or they can choose a different path and join with the rest of us through the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams and form the most formidable force against online scamming ever seen.
SCARS is passing the 75,000 point in the number of victims it represents. A miraculous achievement in short few months. It has done this by working to bring together groups and professionals and individuals in the anti-scamming movement. It has empowered senior groups and organizations, such as Internet Valkyrja, Romance Scams Now, and others in Asia to act as leaders and mentors for smaller groups. This level of collaboration and cooperation has enhanced the effectiveness of many to better serve their audiences and support victims, while also enhancing their ability to reach and rescue people before they become victims.
The key to this is an end to the conflict and developing mutual respect, challenging as that may be at times, to promote our common agenda and spread the world that we are a network of change against a worldwide criminal enterprise that violates individuals around the world in the hundreds of thousands.

It Takes A Network To Fight A Network

So with this message we reach out to those that are on the outside. We reach out to those that believe they are the righteous and that everyone who has a different approach are wrong. We ask you this simple question, if your approach was right, why have the scammers been spreading and doubling the number of victims every year?

We are the first body to seriously take this on, following the model provided by others, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (for example). This is not an overnight process of bringing this change. This is going to take a long time to reduce this plague to bring it under control. However, it will come, with or without specific groups who oppose others for the sake of rage.

No One Has The Time For Hate Or Rage Any More

Won’t you accept our out-reached hand in the spirit of cooperation? Join our Society and help fight effectively for the first time?

We ask only one thing of our members: that you work cooperatively, without hate or rancor, in alignment with a Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards developed by multiple industry groups and individuals to set a higher bar for us all. Our Society must represent the highest standard of ethics and cooperation that we can achieve because the criminals we fight know no limits in their lack of ethics and morals.

We ask that you help others by being evangelists fro the Society and help them understand our goals and objectives, and to add their voice by becoming members. For those of you that are already members we sincerely thank you!


Tim McGuinness, Ph.D.
Founder & Chairman
Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams Inc.