Notice of Cyber Attack


SCARS recently experienced a cyberattack – it was limited to our Facebook pages ONLY!

It did not affect any of our confidential Fabook-based support groups, they remained 100% secure, confidential, and private.

Our SCARS Facebook pages were attacked by cybercriminals for the purpose of eliminating our voice and support for victims.

We have recovered our pages and restored the important messages we provide to scam victims. Criminal complaints have been filed with the UK NCA & FBI over this incident.

NO DATA was lost or accessed during this attack. The cybercriminals did NOT have access to any data on our websites or within our business, it was limited to an attempt to delete our social media pages.

However, remember that regardless of those who want to silence SCARS, SCARS is real, SCARS is partnered and affiliated with governments around the globe, SCARS is certified in the care of victims, and SCARS NEVER charges anything for our services – they are always free.

If you need help come and we can help you. Even if we are not the right service for you, we will refer you to a service that is.

Sign up for our professionally managed support groups at

The best way to find out what is real is to give us a try. It costs you nothing!

We wish you all the best.



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