Thank You Mr. Trump For Your Continued Commitment To The Victims Of Crime and To Justice For All

Just moments ago, President Trump, during the Swearing-In Ceremony in the White House declared that there are many counting on his Presidency including Victims Of Crime.
As promised, Crime and its Victims will be a focus of this Administration.
How amazing this simple statement is in contrast to the largely ambivalent previous administration about Victims of Crime.
We commend the President, the Vice President, and the Administration for keeping to their commitment made to SCARS during their campaign, and we look forward to profound change in the effectiveness of law enforcement against global and domestic crimes, including Global Online Fraud – and specifically Romance Scams around the Earth.
Thank you!
Dr. Tim McGuinness,
Founder & Chairman
Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams
Miami, Florida, United States of America
Thank You President Trump For Keeping Your Commitment To Focus On Crime & Its Victims!