SCARS announcement …

We believe the 2016 surge is over and the number of new scam victims has dropped by at least 25% in 2017

2016 saw over 1,000,000 new victims of romance scams worldwide

2017 is predicted to be between 600,000 to 750,000 new victims (or less)

Trends are indicating the our constant reporting of scammers, awareness education campaigns, avoidance strategies, and recovery programs is having a very positive impact.

Of course, this is also partly because there has been a shift from smaller monetary victims, over to BEC scams which yield much high dollar amounts.

But the importance of this is that collectively, we have been making it much more difficult to scam individuals in relationship scams.

There is a vast amount still to do, so do not think for a minute we are at an end to this plague, however, it does mean that programs are working and progress is being made.

For all of y0u who are SCARS Members, Supporters, Affiliates, and Volunteers in this War on Online Fraud, we can say with some certainty that progress is being made!

Keep up the good work!