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Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

Welcome to the SCARS Institute of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. a Worldwide Nonprofit Cybercrime Victims’ Assistance, Support, and Advocacy Organization focused on the support of relationship scam victims worldwide; and the detection, deterrence, and eventual elimination of global online scams in all its forms.

SCARS also stands for the ‘Scientific Center for the Analysis and Research into Scams’ studying Victimology and Criminology. We are an organization dedicated to fully understanding the scam victimization process and the victim’s experience.

Our principal goal is to assist traumatized scam victims and aid in their recovery and avoidance of future victimization and educate the public about socially engineered cyber-enabled crimes in all of their forms to prevent further cybercrime.

The Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. was founded in 2015 by an international team of dedicated professionals and is led today by an extraordinary group of leaders who know firsthand the devastating effects that scams can inflict on victims. SCARS is here to help victims become survivors!

SCARS 10 Years

Why Was SCARS – Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. Created?

Scam victims are not getting the message in time to avoid scams, and they are listening to the wrong voices to be able to successfully recover from the trauma of their scams. We needed a new professional approach based upon methods that have been proven over and over in other areas.

We needed professionalization, organization, occupational standards, a deep understanding of the experience of relationship scams without the rage and vigilantism so common with amateurs, and we need to stand up in real and meaningful ways to prevent crime. We needed a new voice against cyber-enabled online fraud.

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The Professional Advocate’s Creed!

Victim Advocacy professionals empower survivors of crime through ethical practice and the promotion of safety, healing, justice, and victims’ rights.

Like all professions rooted in service and community, there are core values that guide and unite the practicing professionals drawn to this work.

SCARS is guided and grounded in these principles. Learn more here!

2024 Major SCARS Campaign

Help us End Scam Victim Blaming

2024 Campaign To End Scam Victim Blaming

A Global Campaign To Address Misunderstandings About Relationship Scam Causes
Don’t Blame The Scam/Fraud Victims!
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SCARS FREE Scam Victim Support & Recovery Programs

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SCARS provides the leading Support & Recovery program for relationship scam victims – completely FREE!

Our managed peer support groups allow victims to talk to other survivors and recover in the most experienced environment possible, for as long as they need. Recovery takes as long as it takes – we put no limits on our support!

SCARS is the most trusted support & education provider in the world. Our team is certified in trauma-informed care, grief counseling, and so much more!

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We also offer separate support groups for family & friends too.

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When You Need To Talk To Someone You Need To Do It Now!

SCARS does not currently offer phone support but we recommend these services when you really need to talk with someone right now!

They don’t know scams like we do, but they are great listeners when you need them

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You Can Help Scam Victims!

SCARS provides Free Online Crime Victims’ Assistance services & support to the nearly 60 million relationship scam victims around the globe.

We need your generous support to provide these services and the extraordinary level of professionalism in everything we do. Every donation helps us provide and expand our free services to help more victims in need.

Thanks to your generous support SCARS is able to reach and assist cyber-enabled crime victims in more than 60 countries around the globe. And, through our partnerships even in countries such as Nigeria, where we can directly impact events on the ground where scammers work. SCARS is committed to creating a safer world online.

Everyone Can Be Scammed!

However, with the help you provide, SCARS is able to help provide the real education and professional support groups scam victims need to learn and recover.

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Our Sincerest Thanks For Your Help!
Vianey Gonzalez, Member of the SCARS Board of Directors and a Romance Scam Victim!

The Plague Of Transnational Cybercrime

$8 Trillion US$ Dollars

Estimated Losses To Cybercrime 2023


Estimated Number Of Professional Cybercriminals Operating Worldwide

21 Million New Victims in 2023

New Scam Victims in the United States in 2023 per Gallup Poll

Over 80,000,000

Estimated Number of Scam Victims Worldwide

Values are based upon published news, law enforcement, government, and industry data compiled by SCARS|ANALYTICS

Welcome To Our Society! Welcome to SCARS™

We are a crime victims’ assistance nonprofit organization based in Miami Florida U.S.A. since 2015, but with nearly 30 years of experience addressing socially engineered cyber-enabled crime and their victims.

We Focus On Support Scam Victims!

The focus of the Society is online scams and cybercrime victims, primarily on Relationship Scams (also known as Romance, Dating, Love, or Sweetheart Scams), but also on related scam attacks directed at individuals in their personal life and at business including Phishing and BEC Scams.

Fraudsters target adults, the elderly, and even more and more our children, teens, and young adults. They target all races and genders and employ racism and gender bias to create maximum vulnerability.

Scammers are part of large scale criminal transnational enterprises and even fund and support terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and others. Some have workforces numbered in the thousands. Our estimates are that there are over five hundred fifty thousand professional scammers operating worldwide.


Scam Victims That Have Passed Through SCARS Support Groups


Since 2015 – Actual Number Of Scam Victims Supported By SCARS Since Founding In 2015 As Of January 1, 2024

Fortunately, global law enforcement has stepped up their operations and arresting scammers in record numbers annually.

The Society’s primary effort is directed at providing professional crime victims’ assistance and support for scam victims. But through our understanding and analysis, we are also the primary advocacy organization to work with governments around the world and change the legal landscape enabling ever greater enforcement. Our knowledge acquisition and dissemination publishing activities also help everyone avoid scams and learn online safety.

SCARS is also a primary online crime reporting center distributing online crime data worldwide.

Scams are a serious global problem that requires professional solutions that SCARS provides.

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You Could Be Helping Your Mother or Father, Sister Or Brother, Your Partner Or Even Your Child!

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Our Help Is Always Free For Scam Victims

Our services are free to scam victims, but personnel, regulations, insurance, training, technology, and supporting our own team all cost money. Our organization is a charitable nonprofit and is only supported by our donors. If you think what we do matters to you and to others you can help in two ways: you can volunteer your time, and you can donate to help us help scam victims around the world.

Click here to Volunteer or here to Donate – any small amount helps. You will get the satisfaction of helping real people who have been wronged by scammers around the world. You will also help us stay in the face of politicians that can bring an end to scamming!

Will you help us to help others?

SCARS - Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. - Official SCARS Corporate Website

SCARS™ is the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. helping to build a world without online crime. But we need your help! Volunteer to help SCARS help other scam victims!

Always look for the SCARS Seal as your assurance of professionalism, ethics, and integrity in assisting victims of financial fraud and online crime.

U.S. State of Florida Nonprofit Charitable Registration #N20000011978 [SCARS DBA Registered #G20000137918 // Scam Survivors United DBA Registered #G23000086919] – Click Here To Confirm  Previously incorporated in the State of Delaware.

Address Of Record: Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc., 9561 Fontainebleau Blvd., Suite 602, Miami, Florida 33166 U.S.A.

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