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Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams

Welcome to the only International Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization focused on the detection, deterrence, and eventual elimination on global online fraud in all its forms, and the assistance and education of cybercrime victims in their recovery and avoidance of future victimization.

Ask yourself this:

What have other ad hoc anti-scam groups done to stop the scourge of online fraud?

The answer is unfortunately, almost nothing!

We need a new approach that has proven itself over and over in other areas.

We need organization, we need standards, we need to stand up in real and meaningful ways. We need a new voice against online fraud.

Welcome to the Society!

This is the new voice that politicians will listen to, that law enforcement will work with, that victims can take comfort in, and that will change the way we educate and expose fraudsters to avoid online fraud.

The Society Focuses!

The focus of the Society is online fraud in its various forms, primarily on Relationship Scams (also known as Romance, Dating, Love, or Sweetheart Scams), but also on related scam attacks directed at individuals in their personal life and at business including Phishing and BEC Scams. Fraudsters target adults, the elderly, and even more and more our children. They target all races and genders, and employ racism and gender bias to create maximum vulnerability.

Scammers are part of large scale criminal enterprises and even fund and support terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boco Haram, and others. Some have workforces numbered in the hundreds or even thousands. Our estimates are that there are over one hundred thousand professional fraudsters operating worldwide.

The Society’s effort is directed at support for victims, understanding and analysis, knowledge acquisition and dissemination, avoidance and countermeasures, and broad reporting. Unfortunately scams are treated by many as a laughable joke yet they destroy lives (actually driving good people to suicide) and compromising businesses every minute of every day. This is why the Society was formed.

How Does SCARS Help Reduce Online Fraud?

The Society Offers Effective Programs & Initiatives

For more information about the Society’s programs, initiatives, and campaigns, please see below or contact us today to see how you can help! The first step begins with becoming a member of SCARS and adding your voice!

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SCARS - Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams - being created to provide a global organization to coordinate political advocacy, public education and avoidance programs, enforcement focus, victims support, and best practices & standards management.

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Why Does This Matter So Much?

Each Day There Are More Than 15.5 Million Scam Attempts - More Than 2,740 New Victims - But Only 3 Arrests On Average

Report All Scammers & Fraudsters Here

SCARS Project AnyScam™ Universal Scam Reporting

The SCARS Project AnyScam is designed to provide a Universal Scam Reporting Entry Point for the SCARS Compliant Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network™ for the distribution of online fraud information on the web, in social media, and elsewhere. Founded in May 2016 by the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams.

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SCARS Project AnyScam

Latest Society News & Updates

Chairman’s Voice January 2019

Chairman's Voice January 2019 By Dr. Tim McGuinness, January 22, 2019 You know, one of the challenges of building an organization is that it is never easy. When we re-registered, I had to wipe the [...]

SCARS™ Is Off To China Again

SCARS™ Is Off To China Again SCARS ANNOUNCEMENT The Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS] is once again traveling to China this weekend. The purpose of the visit will be to establish the SCARS [...]

Update From The Front Line

SCARS announcement ... We believe the 2016 surge is over and the number of new scam victims has dropped by at least 25% in 2017 2016 saw over 1,000,000 new victims of romance scams worldwide [...]

The World Needs A New Solution

For the last 8 years our Governments, Institutions, and Online Companies have told us everything was just fine! They buried theirs and our heads in the sand! In 1994, when Bill Clinton was running [...]

SCARS Approved Victims Assistance Training

SCARS Approved Victims Assistance Training OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR RELEASE FEBRUARY 25, 2017 Starting in March 2017, all SCARS Approved Scam Victim's Assistance or Support Groups will be required to have all permanent personnel and volunteers [...]

February 14th Log Off Facebook Day

TURN OFF FACEBOOK ON 2/14 LOG OFF AND CONNECT WITH THE REAL WORLD AND THE REAL PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE! By Tim McGuinness, Ph.D., Chairman of SCARS One of my activities as Chairman of the [...]

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Latest SCARS Projects or Initiatives

Cobalt Alerts™ by SCARS - Immediate Notification System Of Active Social Media Scammers

SCARS Latest Initiative – the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams helping to build a world without online fraud. SCARS has built the new Cobalt Alert™ System to provide immediate alerts of active scammers on social media. Cobalt Alerts appear automatically on dozens of participating Facebook pages. Contact us if you would like Cobalt Alerts to be on your Facebook page!

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SCARS - Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams

SCARS – the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams helping to build a world without online fraud. Look for SCARS Compliant, Approved, and Certified Groups & Organizations. Report all scammers on